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Toronto FC 0:1 Seattle Sounders. Like a bald man's comb

Santos very accurately sums up TFC's day/season.
Santos very accurately sums up TFC's day/season.
Well, one thing and another have taken up my time and now it seems ridiculously late to be putting out a match report, but oh well, for completion's sake I will.

TFC just weren't good enough and never really looked like scoring, even with Seattle playing with only 10 men for almost all the second half. there were a couple of moments close together somewhere between the 50th and 60th minutes that perfectly summed it up. First off Joao Plata made a great run, beat his man before knocking a ball across the face of goal. Absolutely no-one had made a run to try and get into the box for that sort of ball, so it was wasted. A few minutes later, Doneil Henry won a ball just inside the Seattle half and took the ball forward, but no-one was making any kind of run to give him options, and the move fizzled out.

That was how pretty much the entire game went, TFC didn't play terribly, and in the first half actually looked quite good, but up front they were absolutley toothless. Alan Gordon wasn't fit to play and without him there was nothing going on through the middle and the wingers were too easily neutralised. Chances were always going to be few and far between and the one time TFC took advantage of their numerical supremacy, when Javier Martina got the ball unmarked in the box, he hit the post.

After defending capably with ten men in the second half, Seattle's Fredy Montero scored with a free kick right at the end, and that was that. Not good enough, there's a lot of work to do in the transfer window.