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Real Salt lake v Toronto FC. Preview/Game thread.

Dirty Hippie!
Dirty Hippie!

Real Salt Lake v Toronto Fc

Rio Tinto Stadium, 9pm E.D.T Gol TV

I'm now at the end of my vacation, and with the worst internet connection so far, so haven't really caught up on what's been going on in the last couple of days. I write this on Thursday morning, by game time various TFC players may or may not have picked up injuries, or recovered from injuries, have returned from Gold cup duties or not returned from Gold Cup duties. Who knows? Hopefully by the time this is published and you read this, you will.

But really, is all that going to make much of a difference anyway, it's Real Salt Lake, at Rio Tinto Stadium, there's really very little Aron Winter could do, and no potentially returning players that would make a difference enough to stop RSL being overwhelming favourites. But, of course I would have said the same before we escaped from L.A with a tie so really anything can happen, and that's about as much analysis and reasons for hope I can come up with at this point.

I'm flying back home on Saturday so will hopefully be back in time to see at least part of this game, so hopefully, join me here for the game thread.

Come on you Reds!