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Real Salt Lake 3:1 Toronto FC. No need to watch this one.

I didn't make it back home in time to see this game, and after reading a few reports and watching some highlights, I really don't think I'll be hunting down a replay of that any time soon. Really all you need to do is look at the lineup, Ty Harden and Doneil Henry still together in central defence, with a midfield of Nathan Sturgis, Dan Gargan and Gianluca Zavarise. It was really going to take a miracle for thaat team to compete with one of the best teams in the league, and we all know TFC really isn't in the business of miracles.

The highlights certainly didn't make Henry or the defence as a whole look good, Nat Borchers easily beating him to a corner for the first, and the defending not getting better from there. Up front, we did score, which is nice, but only due to RSL defender Jamison Olave slipping to allow Maicon Santos time to shoot, the stats show that was our only shot on goal. Incidentally check out the cool new "chalkboards" feature at which goes into massive details on what each player did, heat maps, touches, successful passes and so much more, can be very interesting and telling if you have a lot of time to kill. For example, Kyle Beckerman had 85 successful passes, TFC's 4 midfielders had 58 between them, not exactly possession football.

In his post game interview Aron Winter talked about players coming in once the transfer window opens, let's hope he's got a lot up his sleeve. Unfortunately, aside from playrs recovering from injuries, there's not going to be any help coming before this week's crucial Super-Duper-Canada-Day-Long-Weekend-Doubleheader against Vancouver. There's a big difference between Real Salt Lake away and Vancouver at home obviously, but there has to be an improvement from somewhere or we could be looking at an embarassing two defeats. Hope is not exactly springing eternal right now.