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De Ro to D.C

Dwayne De Rosario is on the move again, this time to D.C United in a straight swap for Dax McCarty. It's an interesting move that allows all sorts of speculation about the reasons behind it. Are New York creating cap space for another major signing to take up their third DP spot? How eager to compete now are D.C? McCarty's a good player and quite a bit younger than De Ro, so any thoughts of a slow rebuild are out of the window there.

Will De Ro get his much talked about DP deal with D.C? How will he get along with the ego of Charlie Davies? Will he be happy with the trade, or would he have preferred to stay with New York?

How will TFC fans, whether they liked De Ro or disliked him use this as proof of their opinion? One of the main criticisms levelled at De Ro with TFC that he was too selfish and put his own success ahead of the team. That certainly didn't seem to be a problem with the Red Bulls, as he had only 2 goals, but quite a few assists, and helped them to a very good record.

This should make D.C a better team this year, and maybe New York as well depending on what they do from here. I'd say that is bad news for TFC's playoff hopes if that weren't a laughable statement.

Ah well, say what you will about De Ro, he's certainly interesting.