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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 17

Here we are again with the first of two games against the Whitecaps, will any of TFC's injured players be back? Will we see Dan Gargan in midfield again? How will Eric Hassli survive against the Centre Forward eating machine that is the Harden/Henry Centre Back combo? So many things to take into account.

You all know the rules by now, predict the score in the comments section or on twitter, 2 points for correct result, 2 extra for the exact score. I've finally added up the points from the last few games while I was away, so check after the jump for the full standings, we have a new leader in Red Wine Roz, while blindfolded tank driver has made a big jump in the standings as well. I'll get around to updating the points per prediction table soon as well. Thanks for playing .

1 RedWineRoz 18 points 2 B_Fonz 16 points 3 Blindfolded Tank Driver 12 pts 4 Nicotine 10 points 4 The Yorkies 10 points 4 Lesean25 10 points 4 CpDickinson 10 points 4 Duncan Fletcher 10 points 4 Sulfur 10 points 10 Hitcho 4 points 10 joffee 4 points 10 Mercreyes 4 points 10 BradBoyes26 4 points 14 TFC Blogger 2 points 14 Susanjm 2 points 14 Deddy66 2 points 14 KZknowles 2 points.