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Game thread. Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Bmo Field 7:30 E.D.T


Well here we are, the season on the line. Unless things change dramatically, Canadian pride and then the Voyageurs Cup and the Concacaf Champions League are pretty much all we have left to play for this year, so these two games are going to be huge. This game isn't the big one, this is just the amuse bouche for the appetiser, entree, dessert, bottle of wine and glass of port that is Saturday's V-Cup game.

That's what I'm telling myself anyway because it doesn't seem like TFC's going to get much help with players returning from injury for this game, so it could get ugly. There's talk that Julian De Guzman and Tony Tchani may be fit enough to make the bench for this game, so it's going to be the full on second string midfield again. I'm actually ok with that as I'd rather they and any other injured players make sure they're fit for Saturday. Vancouver have their own issues though, with Davide Chiumiento out of the team, so this battle to decide who is the dwarf among MLS' Canadian midgets will probably be appropriately low quality on both sides.

I'd like to say something along the lines of 'two poor teams might lead to all sorts of defensive sloppiness, mistakes and wide open play and an entertaining high scoring game' but the last time I thought that, it was that Kansas City game where the squirrel was the highlight. It may be best to just hope for something controversial to add a bit of extra spice to Saturday's game.

For your pre game reading, you can read my full preview here, Eightysix Forever will probably have something up by the time you read this,'s preview here, and go to for previews and interviews and all that. As always pre game you can enter my prediction contest Are you smarter than Mo Johnston?

I am actually back in the country so will be able to participate in this again. I'll be at BMO on my Blackberry (with my press box record there's no way I'm going back there for these games) so will have starting lineups and such like before the game, join me.

Come on you Reds!