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Toronto FC sign Danny Koevermans Edit: And Torsten Frings

It's gone from message board rumour, to talked about on well respected blogs like Canadian Soccer News, to presented as done on various dutch sites, and now there's reported sightings of him at BMO Field as well so it's probably going to be official very soon. TFC are signing Dutch forward Danny Koevermans. He's been playing in the top level of the Dutch League, with PSV Eindhoven, and has played 4 times for Holland as well.

He's got a decent scoring record over the last few years, if he's not just here for a retirement package he could 'tear this league apart' as the cliche goes. I'm quietly optimistic, but then we all probably said the same things about Mista so who really knows.

Anyway, here's his wikipedia page, and here's a youtube highlighs reel below. Let's hope it works out and let's hope he'll be ready to go asap once the transfer window opens on July 15th. Then let's hope for a lot more signings on top of this. More details when they actually get announced, but presumably this would be a designated player contract.

Edit: the latest on twitter from people with sources and inside info and such is that Torsten Frings is coming as well, and that Aron Winter may be giving up the coaching duties to Bob De Klerk, Winter concentrating on being the Technical Director. Bloody Hell. Press conference today at 4:45. More later.

Edit again: So Koevermans and Frings definitely in on multi year deals which is a bit risky as they're a bit on the old side. Both DP's, not sure if terms were discussed, as I didn't get a chance to watch the presser. Winter's not leaving the head coach position though. Full details tomorrow, as now I'm off to watch the game.