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Red Shots. June 6th. Canada Gold Cup preview edition

The Gold Cup got underway yesterday, Mexico and Costa Rica both winning 5-0 against El Salvador and Cuba respectively.  Canada's first game is Tuesday, against the USA in Detroit.

Here's what you need to read, once again it's Red Nation Online's ridiculously good coverage leading the way.

Amongst their coverage they have an all Gold Cup starting XI featuring two Canadians.  Realistic choices as well, no blatant homerism required.

Next up is video of interviews with Mike Klukowski, Milan Borjan, Nik Ledgerwood, Simeon Jackson, Josh Simpson and Will Johnson.

They also have a written interview with Terry Dunfield.

For me I look at it as playing for your country is the pinnacle of your career. For me representing Canada is an opportunity I would never turn down. I play with a sense of national pride when I'm out there. It's hearing the national anthem and playing with the Maple Leaf on your shirt.

 Attaboy Terry.  More links after the jump.

5 Canadian players to watch, one of whom is Julian De Guzman and his chance to prove the theory that he plays better when surrounded with good players.

Canada excited and ready for the U.S.

Over at they kick off their Gold Cup coverage with a preview of all the groups

They also have a great piece of nostagia, Darlington legend Jason de Vos reminiscing about captaining Canada to Gold Cup glory back in 2000.

The Mexicans played a ball into our box, and the clearance eventually found its way to Martin Nash. 'Nashy' was one of the most underrated players I ever played with, and his ability to pass the ball was his greatest strength.

His cross-field ball found a streaking Richard Hastings, who had made a lung-bursting run from his own half to find himself bearing down on the Mexican goal.

The ball bounced up awkwardly, and truth be told, Richard's first touch wasn't the greatest. But his second touch was the finest strike of his career.

He smashed the ball home, giving us a 2-1 victory over the Mexicans, and a place in the semifinals.

And to placate my benevolent SB Nation overlords, here's their main Gold Cup page, and here's their preview of Canada and the selection dilemnas Stephen Hart faces.

Not much else out there yet, but if you have any links, especially to any blogs out there i don't know about yet, feel free to post them in the comments section.