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Red Shots. June 8th. Canada v USA post game edition

So Canada lost.  2-0, and you can't say it wasn't a fair result.  Canada weren't terrible by any means, but never looked like scoring until Ali Gerba came on in the second half, and even then you got the impression that if we had, the Americans had an extra gear to use if they had to.

I'll have a full report up later today, but in the meantime here's some links for highlights, reports, interviews, analysis and all that.

Canada falls to U.S. in Gold Cup opener -
First up, Sportsnet's review, which includes highlights if you haven't seen them yet.  

Canada drops Gold Cup opener to U.S.A.
Red nation Online's report.  "While it wasn’t a disaster, this match likely felt like something of a letdown for Canadian supporters and the Canadian National Team itself. Whether it was nerves or just strong determined play by the Americans, Canada came out flat and did not play anywhere close to their potential in the opening forty-five minutes."

Canada v Usa: So much for boosterism
Over at Canadian Soccer News, Grant has a very good recap of the game and where Canada can go from here (Gerba, Borjan) and where it will probably end up (quarter final exit again).

More after the jump.

Footy Final – June 7th The Footy Blog
James Sharman & Kristian Jack recap the USA’s group opening 2-0 win over Canada from the pitch at Ford Field.

USA 2-0 Canada, The Footy Blog
•We might never have known how the game would have turned out if the ball hadn’t have trickled into Canada’s net in the 15th minute, but after that the home side were very much the dominant force in this encounter." 

Canada can't weather early storm in loss to the U.S's game review

“Howard came up with quite a few big saves and that’s what makes them the team they are. They have a lot of key players making big plays in important parts of the game and you saw it tonight.”

that's a De Ro quote, politely not followed up with "Lars didn't".

I'll try and add more links through the day as I find them and if i get time, feel free to add any you find in the comments section.