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Calm before the storm.

Well, Toronto FC are thankfully on a bit of a hiatus right now, with no games between Saturday's disappointing loss in Houston and the start of the what is sure to be a glorious new Koevermans and Frings filled era on July 20th.  A perfect time, as suggested by the excellent TFC comic strip East Side Stand Up (permanent link at the side of the main page, click it every few days, seriously, it's good stuff) for a bit of a TFC vacation. 

The break in the schedule is basically there for MLS teams to shake their moneymaker by playing friendlies against big foreign clubs doing their early season brand promotion exercises in the States, New England Revolution are playing Manchester United, LA Galaxy are playing Real Madrid and Manchester City, Philadelphia play Real Madrid and , erm, Everton, and so on and so forth.  TFC opted out of it all this year, a move I fully applaud so as to avoid fatigue, potential injury and the ignominy of playing in front of a BMO Field crowd of people supporting the other team.  Toronto Eurosnobs do get to have their fun anyway, as Juventus and Sporting Lisbon are playing each other at BMO Field July 23rd, while TFC are playing away in Kansas City.  I'm definitely on board with the 'trophies not friendlies' mantra, so credit where it's due and full marks to the Front Office for thinking of the team and not the cashflow on this one. 

Of course, things could get hectic again at any moment with the official opening of the transfer window, Vancouver have got things rolling this week with the announcement of a new DP signing, Gambian international forward Mustapha Jarju.  DP signings seem to be splitting into two categories, the bona fide star who's aging and looking for one last 'challenge/payday' or the up and coming young star no-one's heard of but is talented and still looking to prove himself.  There's been hits and misses in both categories, but the young up and comer is probably the best way to go (and very much what TFC haven't done), it should be interesting to see how Jarju works with Eric Hassli and how Vancouver play from here.

As for TFC, well there's precious little rumour out there so far, aside from John Molinaro talking up defender Kevin Hatchi, a 30 year old journeyman who's had a career as widespread as Ali Gerba's (not a fat joke, honestly).  He's currently with Montreal so it's a bit underwhelming, but we need all the help we can get at Centre Back, so I'm not complaining.  If he can come in and do a job right now, and then be reliable back up when others regain fitness, well that sounds like a very valuable signing.

Hopefully by the weekend, there'll be something bigger to report and debate, but right now, we're in the middle of a 10 day unbeaten streak, sit back and relax.