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Game thread. Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Bmo Field 12:30 pm E.D.T

Sportsnet One (stream

So here it is finally, the one that really matters, and the latest weather forecast suggest the lightning won't be coming until later in the day, so we shoul definitely get a winner today. Will that be in 90 minutes, or will we need extra time? Or penalties?Wednesday's game decided that TFC is the dwarf among MLS midgets, today decides who is the giant of Canadian soccer.

Vancouver will have their big guns back and in the starting line up, for TFC, well that all depends on who's injured and who isn't, hopefully at the very least we'll have a proper Centre Forward this time.

I feel a bit sick about this one at the moment, I'm trying to believe, I'd love to be confidently making Vancouver riot jokes, but i have very little confidence. I'd like to think at the very least I'll have the good grace to give the Voyageurs Cup the respect it deserves and stick around for the presentation if we lose, but who knows really.

I'll be at the game with my blackberry, so will have lineups pre game and as much half time and full time analysis as the terrible cellphone service at bmo field allows me to fit in.

Come on you Reds!>