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Toronto FC signs international defender.

After confirming that Dicoy Williams' injury suffered while playing with Jamaica in the Gold Cup will keep him out for the season, his roster spot and international roster spot became available, and Toronto FC filled them both today, with Frenchman and Guadeloupe international Eddy Viator.  I don't know that much about him, but he's been training with TFC for a bit now and trying out at Right Back and Centre Back, and we definitely need help there.

I can't imagine he'll be much more than a depth signing at the back, but hopefully I'm wrong and he'll impress and be able to form a partnership with Andy iro and let Ty Hrden go back to being the substitute/back up that he really should be.  He's available for tongith's game, but that would be a bold call to throw him in alongside fellow new guy Iro.  That's all I've got really, a meh post for what I think is a bit of a meh signing.  Prove me wrong Eddy, prove me wrong!