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Game thread: Toronto FC v FC Dallas.

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Toronto FC v FC Dallas

Bmo Field, 8PM E.D.T


Here it is then, 'the first day of the rest of our lives' as Tom Anselmi apparently called it in his recent 'fireside chat' with reporters. The latest fresh start, is this TFC version 5 or 6 now? I lose count. Anyway, Frings, Koevermans, Johnson and Iro should all be making their TFC debut tonight. It could be spectacular, more than likely it'll be sloppy with moments of spectacular. Or, given that we've still got Sturgis, Yourassowsky, Harden, Gargan and Borman out there, it could be an easy game for Dallas.

Whatever happens, it will be one of the more interesting MLS games of the season, and even if we don't get a result, there'll be plenty to talk about and anlyse at least.

Some pre game reading for you. Here's my preview, one bringing the Dallas side of things from Big D Soccer,'s neutral and fact filled preview, and of course over at, they'll have a bunch of articles and interviews and such like.

You can also enter into my prediction contest Are you smarter then Mo Johnston here, and if you don't already have tickets for next week's crucial CCL game against Real Esteli, you can get those here.

One last thing, when tweeting, don't forget the #Iro100 tag in support of the campaign to make Andy Iro TFC's official mr 100.

I'll be at the game so will as usual have lineup's (5 new players apparently) pre game and then get on for as much follow up chat as I can get at half and full time.

Come On You Reds