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Toronto FC has so far had 98 squad members actually play meaningful minutes for the first team.  Obviously with all the new guys, that glorious century will be reached in record breakingly quick fashion tonight against Dallas.  The problem is, with probably 3 or 4 new players in the starting lineup, they'll all get past the 100 mark simultaneously, so we won't know who the official Mr 100 is.

So, in conjunction with fellow TFC blog The Yorkies, we've unilaterally decided that it shouldn't be any of the fancy dan new DP players who'll be getting all the hype, instead it should be one of the underrated workhorses, a physical no nonsense presence at the back, that's right, Andy Iro IS Mr 100.

Though it's not really a good thing that TFC have reached this milestone so quickly, let's not try and sweep this under the carpet, instead let's have a grand ceremony, you know like Tie Domi got for playing his 1,000th game, that sort of thing.  An official presentation should be made on the pitch before the next game, maybe one of Stefaan Frei's graffit style paintings to commemorate the occasion, perhaps a little bronze revolving door, or more practically a nice luggage set. 

C'mon MLSE, make it happen.