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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 23

Welcome back to another round of Canada's most interminable game, Are you smarter than Mo Johnston?  This one really should be a straight forward win for TFC, but who really knows, I'm sure they have new lows to surprise us with.  

As always, predict the score in the comments section, 2 points for the correct result, 2 bonus points for the exact score.  First prize is a 2010 MLS Cup Banner, I remain too lazy to take a picture of mine, but I'm not too lazy to use google, and hey someone else has posted a picture of one online, so here's what it actually looks like.  Winner of the points per prediction table gets my ticket to the original 5-0 in New Jersey game, signed by Nick Garcia

Current standings below the jump, thanks for playing

1 RedWineRoz 24 points
  2 The Yorkies 18 points
  3 Blindfolded Tank Driver 17 pts
  4 B_Fonz 16 points
  5 Sulfur 14 points
  5 Duncan Fletcher 14 points
  7 Lesean25 12 points
  7 Nicotine 12 points
  9 CpDickinson 10 points
  10 KZknowles 8 points
  11 BradBoyes26 6 points
  12 Hitcho 4 points
  12 joffee 4 points
  12 Mercreyes 4 points
  15 TFC Blogger 2 points
  15 Susanjm 2 points
  15 Deddy66 2 points
  15 13ojangles 2 points