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Game thread. Toronto FC v Real Esteli

Toronto FC v Real Esteli

Bmo Field 8pm E.D.T

Setanta (yep, setanta, sportsnet are prioritising UFC reruns over this, but there's a replay on sportsnet one at I think, 11pm.)

Despite this being a very important game, it's only available on a $15 a month subscription channel, so hopefully you can find a stream.  Sadly due to work constraints, I'm having to give this post about as much effort as sportsnet did, so here goes, it'll be quick.

Suffice it to say, this is a very important game, and really should be considered a very winnable one.  Real Esteli are nothing special, but given all the home advantages that CONCACAF can bring, from dodgy grounds to even dodgier refereeing, let's hope TFC can kill the tie off in the home leg.  Midfield reinforcements in the shape of Terry Dunfield and/or Julain de Guzman should help with that, and hopefully whoever the hell's in defence tonight can stop any away goals from happening.

Here's my more in depth preview, I'll be at the game with my blackberry, so will have lineups beforehand and pre game/half time and post game chat when I can.

Come on You Reds!