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World Cup qualification draw.

That happens today and is live on CBC, starting at 1:30.  Not sure what time they'll be doing the concacaf portions of it all, but I'll be following along on twitter as I write a late preview for the Portland game, and will post updates here for the details of Canada's draw.  The first round at least should be very straight forward, with very few teams that Canada shouldn't be able to handle easily.


Edit 1:  They drew Concacaf's 4th place team to play against Asia's 5th place team in a playoff, but now a bunch of people are saying that no, concacaf's actually playing oceania?  I'm already confused.

Edit 2:  Seriously, everyone saw them draw concacaf after asia?  This is ridiculous.

Edit 3:  In round 2, we get St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and Puerto Rico.  home and away round robin, so 6 games.  Win that group, which we really should, and we move on to round 3, another home and away round robin group, where we got lucky and drew Honduras, Cuba and the winner of group A which will probably be Panama, and we only have to finish in the top two there to qualify for the final round hexagonal 10 game round robin.  We're in with a bloody chance here!  A good draw that was.