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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 20.

Houston. A very beatable team. Away from home, in Texas in July, that doesn't sound good. Will we have one of our two reliable goalscorers actually on the pitch? Many things to take into account. Predict the score in the comments sections, points for correct result and double points for exact score.

First prize wins a 2010 MLS cup streetlight banner, a seriously cool, (and seriously big and heavy) bit of swag. 2nd prize, for the winner of the points per prediction table, is my ticket to the 5-0 New York fiasco (depressingly, I'll now have to clarify that that is the 2009 version of that particular fiasco) signed by Nick Garcia.

Current standings below the jump

Thanks for playing.

1 RedWineRoz 20 points 2 B_Fonz 16 points 3 Blindfolded Tank Driver 15 pts 4 The Yorkies 14 points 5 Sulfur 12 points 6 Nicotine 10 points 6 Lesean25 10 points 6 CpDickinson 10 points 6 Duncan Fletcher 10 points 10 KZknowles 8 points 11 Hitcho 4 points 11 joffee 4 points 11 Mercreyes 4 points 11 BradBoyes26 4 points 15 TFC Blogger 2 points 15 Susanjm 2 points 15 Deddy66 2 points 15 13ojangles 2 points