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Game thread. Houston Dynamo v Toronto FC

Houston Dynamo v Toronto FC

Robertson Field, 8:30 E.D.T

Gol TV

We've had the full roller coaster experience over the last 10 days or so, with a long gentle climb followed by a sharp plummet, New York sending us hurtling back to earth in a hurry. So what the hell's going to happen here? Hopefully Alan Gordon will be back to provide something resembling a goal threat, or Big Joao can repeat his heroics from the game in May where he tormented the Dynamo.

If TFC have any hopes of getting to the playoffs, they'll need to start picking up some points away from home, where they've been uniformly terrible so far. If they can get a win before all the transfer window reinforcements arrive, that would be huge.

Get your pre game reading on here with my preview, they've got a pre game scouting report and stuff up at Dynamo theory. has a preview up, and will have all the usual interviews and everything up as well.

I'll be here with pre game lineups and all that, and hopefully someone will be able to find a stream as I'm away at a friends cottage so my coverage could be a bit haphazard.

Come on you Reds!