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Concacaf Champions League or MLS Cup?

Yeah, yeah Marvell.  Relax.  Hardly anyone cares.
Yeah, yeah Marvell. Relax. Hardly anyone cares.

I may need to make myself a whole new category called 'shamelessly poached ideas' for this one, but what the hell, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that so really it's a good thing.

Anyway, with the CCL group stage starting up tonight, over at, they've got a very simple poll up as to which trophy you'd like to see your team win, the CCL or the MLS Cup. At the time of writing this, the results stand at what I think is a surprising 73.67 in favour of winning the CCL.

Now obviously this year at least, TFC's only chance of success is in the CCL, but let's pretend we're in some kind of magical world of make believe where much like Dallas, LA, Seattle and Colorado, TFC has actually had a decent year in the league, and is contention in both competitions. Which would you rather win? I'll add an extra wrinkle and throw in the option of the Supporters Shield for finishing first overall in the regular season, like almost everywhere else does it, rather than winning the playoffs, as another option.

So vote below, and feel free to explain yourself in the comments section.