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FC Dallas beats Pumas UNAM, first MLS side to win in Mexico

FC Dallas won 1-0 away from home against Pumas UNAM on Wednesday night, becoming the first MLS side to win in Mexico, and more importantly, if slightly less historically, making things a lot harder for Toronto FC to advance.

Seattle, LA and Colorado all won their first games as well this week. All just a happy coincidence that means nothing in the grand scheme of things, or some kind of sign that MLS is well on the way to becoming a powerhouse league to rival the FMF in Concacaf? Who knows, but for now at least it's a very impressive start, and one that TFC can hopefully improve to 5-0 tomorrow.

Of course you could argue that TFC doesn't really count as an MLS team in this competition, seeing as how we could win the supporters shield and MLS Cup and still not qualify if we didn't win the Voyageurs Cup. Fair play to them though, it's an impressive start from the American MLS clubs, but the Dallas result is one that could really hurt our chances. It was always unlikely that TFC will finish above Pumas UNAM, so our best bet was to try and finish above FC Dallas for the second spot. That was already a tough ask, but now they've got 3 points out of their toughest game, it's going to be nigh on impossible. So now I guess we have to hope that Pumas continue to put out their 'B' team in other games and drop more points. Getting 3 points from Thursday's game against Tauro FC just got even more crucial.