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Game thread. Toronto FC v Real Esteli

Real Esteli v Toronto FC

Estadio Independencia, 10 PM E.D.T

Sportsnet One (unless the baseball game goes long)

It feels like Monday, Toronto FC usually play on Wednesdays, and yet here we are, it's already game day, thus I feel very unprepared and not really doing this justice.

This game does deserve justice being done to it though.  I realise that after a lot of repeated hyperbole already this season I'm beginning to sound like the guy on The Bachelorette with his 'most dramatic rose ceremony ever' shtick, but given what's on the line, and the narrowness of the lead we take into the game, well this is the most important game of the season.

Hopefully we go in with a full strength team, and I think we will, I'm not sure who exactly are our first choice Centre Backs, or Left Back for that matter, but I think there'll be an absence of kids in the lineup for an important game in a potentially hostile environment (remember Doneil Henry lasting 30 minutes in Motagua last year?)

This could be the first time we see our impressive on paper midfield trio of Frings, Dunfield and De Guzman, which I am a bit excited about, but really it's all about the result.  Do whatever needs to be done to advance to the next round, and if there's any sort of good team spirirt in the dressing room, they'll be looking to 'win one for Milos', as I imagine Mr Kocic is more nervous than anyone else right now after his gaffe gave Real their away goal.

The game starts at ten, and we'll hopefully be able to see it if the baseball game on Sportsnet one finishes on time, otherwise it could be a mad scramble to find a stream.  if I'm watching on a stream, I won't be commenting here, but if it does get on TV, then I'll be here to talk you through the game, with of course all the usual lineup info as soon as it hits twitter.

Come On You Reds!