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Game thread. Toronto FC v FC Dallas

Toronto FC v FC Dallas
BMO Field, 8PM E.D.T
Gol TV

For the third time this year, it's FC Dallas time, and let's hope it goes better than the first two times, both 1-0 defeats. At the very least let's hope the predicted thunderstorms stay away, unless we're losing of course. A win here would pretty much guarantee Dallas a trip to the quarter finals with 6 points before they've even played a home game. A win wouldn't guarantee Toronto FC anything as there's still a lot of very tough games to come, but it would put them, if not quite in touching distance, at least in sniffing distance of the next round. Given those tough games ahead, a draw really is the minimum needed to keep qualification hoped alive. So for me, this is a hugely important game, and hopefully Aron Winter sees it the same way and puts out his best possible team.

For my full preview you can click here, here's Big D Soccer's preview, MLSSoccer.coms preview, and there's all the usual pre game stuff over at Toronto

Also, if you live reasonably close and haven't already bought tickets to at least one of Canada's upcoming WCQ games at BMO Field, a) what the hell is wrong with you? and b) for the love of god, go do it now, the Voyageurs have currently stopped orders for the St Lucia game for the official supporters sections, but you can get very reasonable priced tickets for the rest of the stadium through the CSA

I'll be at the game with my iphone, so will have lineups and pre game stuff, as well as half time and post game thoughts here, feel free to talk among yourselves in the mean time.

Come On You Reds!