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Game thread. Toronto FC v San Jose Earthquakes.

Toronto FC v San Jose Earthquakes
Bmo Field, 7pm E.D.T
Gol TV

Toronto gets to deal with an earthquake for the 2nd time this week.  Did you really notice the first one?  Me neither.   Really this one should be just as easy to deal with, winless in 12 now, San Jose aren't a good team, the sort of team that any half decent team should be able to beat at home.  So I guess that brings us to the more important question of are TFC a half decent team?  

Let's hope so, as there's 2 weeks off after this game so it'd be good to go out on a high note, without needing Stefan Frei or Milos Kocic to pull off superman-esque heroics to stop the earthquake.

This is a very quick intro, but for my full preview you can go here, go to MLS for all the facts and neutralityyou might want, and for all the usual interviews and preview stuff.  

I'll be at the game with my iphone, so I'll be using SB Nations new iphone app (ooh! aah! oh! seriously though, it's actually quite good) to update with lineups, and pre game thoughts, as well as half time and post game analysis.  Join me why don't you?

Come On You Reds!