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Canada. A team you can feel good about supporting. Here's where to start.

Has Toronto FC's season so far worn you down?  Does all the losing, the soap opera shenanigans, the sniping ex players, that unsettling feeling that if you knew even half of what goes on behind the scenes you'd probably share their views, and the knowledge that by supporting the team you're also giving more money to bloody MLSE make you question your sanity just a bit?

Well it's time for a refreshing change for the next couple of weeks, as we get to focus on someone you can feel good about cheering for, Canada.  Also, given the opposition, for this round of qualifying at least, we get to cheer for a team who's probably (surely it won't go wrong yet, will it?) going to win, and quite possibly win comfortably.  This should be fun.

I'll just go ahead and presume you have tickets to the game already, so instead will promote the fact that the fun starts earlier than the 8pm kick off time, as the Voyageurs are getting their party started at Maro at 5pm, with $12 pitchers of delicious beer, and plenty of giveaways and prizes for early arrivals. 

Right across the street from them, at Lamport Stadium, Umbro Canada are having a big event as well, starting at 5:45.  It's bound to be less booze focused, but it does have Adrian Cann and Jim Brennan, so you know, take the good with the bad.

What better way to kick off the long weekend than maybe taking off work a bit early to get into the spirit of things, you know it makes sense.

The following is shamelessly copied from Canadian Soccer News, but it's important info, and hey I'm lazy, so sue me (my benevolent sbn overlords request that you sue neither me nor SB Nation, thanks.)

Addendum: Below is a note from Jamie MacLeod, one of the Voyageurs' behind-the-scenes heroes...
Maro is family friendly. It's a restaurant not a bar, so kids can come in. The giveaways at Maro are:
First 200 people: 
- 40% discount card for the Umbro outlet store (not just Umbro, it's a big store) (e.g Canada jersey = $40)
- 10 Support Local Soccer / Voyageurs cards
- Song sheet
- Raffle ticket
First 50 People: Canada Flags
Unconfirmed: Maro may be setting up a BBQ for us, and the first 50 people might be getting a hot dog.
Please include yourself in the Facebook event for Maro

On a side note, I know many people want to go to the Ex. Please find the time to to come by Maro and have a beer. They open up just for us, pay staff etc... They look after us so, please help us support them. Thank you.