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Canada v St Lucia, Pre game links. Wednesday August 31st.

Alright, so you've obviously already got tickets to the game, if not go here now, and you know where to go before the game to get into the spirit of things.  If I get enough time, I'll have a preview of the game up later, but in the mean time, here's links to all the articles and interviews you need to prepare for the game.  there'll be a lot more in the days to come as the game approaches, but here's some of the early stories out there.

Much the same as during the Gold Cup, Red Nation Online really is the place to start, here's a link to their Brazil 2014 qualifying archives, which already has plenty of good stuff in it.  Recently added are video interviews with Milan Borjan, Iain Hume, Stephen Hart and others, as well as an interview with Atiba Hutchinson and this article based on an interview with Ante Jazic.

"I have been around the block and there are other guys who have as well - Dwayne, Kevin McKenna. I think we have a good mix of young guys and leadership. So I'm looking forward to these matches and hopefully we can find some stability in the team and start playing well and getting some confidence. And we'll go from there."

On Youtube, Canadasoccertv is a good channel to follow and subscribe to, that's where that Dwayne De Rosario interview up top comes from, that's from about a week ago, and more recently they've got videos up from the training camp in Alliston as well, so check back there regularly.

The Star has an article focussing on De Ro, and how he's using all his recent trades as motivation to prove a point. 

"I never get tired of playing for Canada," De Rosario said.  "It's something you look forward to as a kid, and it's always a thrill, especially when you do it at home."

Let's hope he can do that without lapsing into De Ro DIY mode.  Anyway, there's more good stuff after the jump, including a comic strip and shopping problems.

Friday's game will be on Sportsnet One, so I'll link to their coverage as well, starting here with a Gerry Dobson blog from a Josh Simpson interview. has this brief interview with Adrian Cann talking about the importance of getting behind Canada, and his appearance at Lamport stadium pre game. Also apparently former Canada captain, Darlington legend Jason De Vos is going to be there, which dramatically increases the odds of me tearing myself away from cheap beer at maro to check out that event.

On a slightly different note, over at 90 minutes of Hopp, there's the entertaining tale of the troubles of finding the right size Canada jersey, and maybe, just maybe, feeling your immigrant footballing allegiances switching to Canada.

And finally, East Side Stand Up has a new strip out, discussing Canada's chances.  They're confident-ish.