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Game thread. DC United v Toronto FC

D.C United v Toronto FC

RFK stadium, 7:30 pm  E.D.T


Just a quick introduction to this one, but lots of questions about this game.  Can new look TFC avenge April's 3-0 drubbing at Bmo Field?  What kind of new lineup will we get this time?  Can TFC break the 36 players in a season record in this game?  Will De Ro score (his 3 goals for DC so far have come against New York and San Jose, both former teams of his, I think it's pretty much an inevitability)?  Will Frings or anyone else give TFC fans some satisfaction with a violent foul or two on De Ro?  Will there be extravagant cheque signing motions on either side?  Or, more likely, is it only TFC fans still holding a grudge, and all the players have moved on and it's just another game for them?

I'll be here from about 6:30 onwards, or whenever lineup's get announced on twitter to answer all those questions and more I'm sure.  In the mean time, get your pre-game reading on with my preview here, John's lament for the whole sorry De-Ro at TFC shambles here,'s preview here, all the usual stuff over at, and Black and red united have the D.C angle covered for you as well.

Come On You Reds!