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Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell?

Of course you are, isn't everyone?  Here's your chance to prove it, gain the respect of many and possibly win prizes.  If you've been to this site before, you'll probably have stumbled upon my TFC prediction contest Are you smarter than Mo Johnston that's been going on all year, and this is the exact same idea, with a tiebreaker added just in case.  

Predict the score of Canada's game against St Lucia, in the comments section below or @me on twitter 2 points for the correct result, 2 extra points for the exact score.  We'll repeat this for the first 5 games and total up the points, allowing prizes to be presented, hopefully at the 6th game, or by mail for any out of towners.  Given there's only 5 games overall, there's a good chance of a tie at the top, so as a tiebreaker, predict who'll be Canada's top scorer over those first 5 games.

Prizes are currently to be determined, at the very least there'll be a Canada scarf from Umbro, but hopefully there'll be more to offer by the time November comes around.

Thanks for playing.