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Canada v St Lucia pre game links. Thursday September 1st.

So with yesterday being the big media day for all those proper journalists who don't have distracting day jobs, there's a lot more articles out there previewing Friday's Canada game.  Here they are all in one handy place for your reading pleasure.

Lots of places share the same Canadian press report, but Sportsnet are a) showing the game and b) have a video interview with Atiba Hutchinson in the same link, so that's what I'll use.

The Yorkies have a special Canadian edition of their starting eleven feature with suggested banners to take to the game to ensure Canada gets the raucous support it deserves.


The Sun's Kurtis Larson says Canada's World Cup Qualification hopes are high and that anything less than winning every game convincingly is unacceptable.

Over at Red Nation Online,  while more or less agreeing with that sentiment, Stephen Hart is very much not taking St Lucia lightly.  They also have an interview with Simeon Jackson, talking about life in the premiership with Norwich City as well as discussing Canada, as well as Adrian Cann talking about getting the fans out.

The TFC fans in Toronto are incredible and have made the atmosphere at the stadium what it is today. It is lively, it's fun and everyone is out rooting on the guys. And I think that is carrying over gradually to the National Team and, that said, hopefully this time around we will see that much more support and backing for the Canadian team as they begin a new World Cup run,"

At the CBC, John Molinaro strikes a positive tone, but with a bit of 'anything can happen, after all it's Canada' thrown in for realism's sake.

The Score's footy blog seems more focused on all the european transfer action, but does have an article up to try and convince you to go out to the game rather than stay home and obsess over all that European stuff, as well as Kristian Jack doing his formation geek stuff with Stephen Hart.

Finally, in kind of related news, Canadian Soccer News reports that Ashtone morgan has committed to Canada, which will hopefully be a very important thing a few years down the line, also hopefully we can get qualification sewn up early and get Morgan and other promising youngsters cap tied and locked down while they're still young and idealistically patriotic.