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Dasan Robinson Traded to LA Galaxy for Kyle Davies

With the MLS roster freeze set to happen at the end of the day Toronto FC have managed to make one last move.  In a season that has seen the club use what will likely be a record number of different players in league games it should come as no real shock that TFC have made one more deal.  The deal sees Robinson leaving Toronto for the LA Galaxy in exchange for Kyle Davies.  

The most interesting part of this deal is that both players involved failed to make many appearances for their last clubs.  Robinson was acquired by Toronto FC from Chicago earlier this season and the defender only made a single appearance for TFC due to injuries and not seeming to fit in with the managers plans.  Davies, a former US Under 20 national, was waived by Dallas this spring and picked up by LA but he also failed to break in to the first team there.


This move is not really anything earth shattering for TFC as Robinson seemed to never be more then an after thought in all the trades that we have seen this summer.  What they get in Davies is another young talent who seems to have fallen off of late.  TFC will certainly be hoping that another fresh start gives Davies the chance to live up to the potential that he demonstrated in making the U20 side and saw him sign a contract with Southampton as a teenager.  Davies is now 22 so despite struggling to break in to the first team at Dallas and LA he is by no means a lost cause.  Toronto FC are clearly a team in need of defenders so he will likely get a decent look from the club down the stretch.


The move is a hard one to evaluate since it just seems like more wheeling and dealing from the club.  Davies gives the club more depth at the back end but based on his recent lack of playing time he is not guaranteed to be any sort of improvement for the club.  The other element of this move that has to be considered is that Dasan Robinson was on a fairly large contract for a player who was not making regular first team appearances so the club may have just been trying to shed that cap hit.  


So in Davies TFC now have another young player who if they can get him back on track will be a boost to the club.  They have also shown that if a player seems to be a bust they are more then willing to move them on.  Good news for fans is that this really should be the last deal of the season.