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Toronto FC trade for Kyle Davies. Is he any good?

Kyle Davies in 'actual playing time' shock.
Kyle Davies in 'actual playing time' shock.

Toronto FC just couldn't let things be could they?  On the last day before the MLS roster freeze, with the prospect of many tradeless months ahead of them, Aron Winter needed just one more fix.  Thus Dasan Robinson, less than 2 months after he arrived, was shipped off to LA Galaxy, with Kyle Davies coming the other way.  The basic stats of his career suggest he's another one of those young stars who never quite fulfils his promise, but for a bit more detail, I got in touch with Ryan Rosenblatt of SB Nation's Galaxy blog LAG Confidential, who had this to say.

Davies never really found his footing with LA, but it might have just be a matter of a bad fit as much as it was his play. He's a smaller defender and for the most part (AJ DeLaGarza being an exception) Bruce Arena likes bigger guys at the back. The problem for Davies is that he's pretty limited physically. Neither big nor fast, Davies is very reliant on his smarts and he does read the game well. A star for the U.S. youth teams, Davies had some trouble dealing with the strength of grown men. Luckily, that's something that can be improved and at 22, he's still pretty young. With some more strength, he should be able to hold guys off and win more tackles, something he can pair with his smarts to be a solid defender.

Hmmm, doesn't sound ideal does it.  At the very least he'll probably be an upgrade with the ball, when it comes to successfully linking up with the midfield, but I'd be surprised if he ends up being the answer to our defensive problems.  Oh well, we weren't going to get Omar Gonzalez for Dasan Robinson were we, I guess it's worth a try.