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Waking the Red. Bigger and better.

It's been a big week here at WTR Mansions, with a couple of updates to let you know about.    First off, if you've been here in the last few days, you've probably noticed a bunch of articles by Dave Rowaan.  You may have read his stuff earlier at Here we call it Soccer, or know him on twitter as soccercanada, and despite that whole distasteful Man United fan thing, I'm very happy to confirm he'll be contributing regularly here.  This means between us we should be able to bring you more than the basic preview, smarter than mo, game thread, report, and repeat cycle I was just about managing to keep up with.  Welcome aboard Dave.

Second, if you visited other SBN sites, you've probably seen the tickets tab up at the top of the page.  For whatever reason we didn't get that here for the longest time, I'm not sure exactly when it did show up, but i just noticed it today.  Anyway, click on the tab and what you get is TiqIQ's Toronto FC ticket centre, where you can get tickets to TFC games, both home and away.  Basically it's an aggregator of resale sites like Stubhub, Ebay, TicketNetworks and others.  So if you want to get tickets and don't want to have to do too much work to find the cheapest available, then click there, and they do the work for you. 

Conflict of interest/undignified begging alert.  If you buy tickets from that link, Waking the Red gets a small commission, so you know, support local bloggers and all that.