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Season ticket renewal info.

Just before last night's game, season ticket holders were sent the details of the package if they want to renew for 2012.  If you don't fall into that group and didn't get the email, here's where you can view the website they have set up for it all.

The price freeze promised last year is indeed there, at my price range anyway, I presume it's the same for all the others, and includes 19 games, though rather amusingly they describe that as 17 home MLS games and 2 Voyageur Cup games, when it should  be 18 and 1.  Excellent work guys.  

Edit:  Nevermind, apparently that probably is correct, and MLS is going away from a balanced schedule where everyone plays everyone else, which is a lot less amusing, and depressingly dumb.

They also have the option of a convenience package whereby they automatically charge you for any extra game that comes up, which would presumably be V-Cup final and CCL games if we qualify, might include a friendly as well, who really knows, so why anyone would choose that I'm not sure.

Anyway, it's not a fantastic deal to lure disaffected customers back, but there's nothing really outrageous in there for people to get worked up about either.  Should be interesting to see how renewals go this year.