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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 36

After the Tauro game saw 100% correct results,but nobody getting the exact score, there should probably be a bit more diversity of thought in this one.  Chivas away, Chivas are nothing special really, so a result is certainly a possibility, but what sort of squad will TFC take out with them, hopefully but probably not a bit of a B squad, so that may affect your judgement as well.

As ever predict the score below the jump, I'll fill in the twitter contestants, 2 points for the correct result, 2 points for the exact score.  Current standings after the jump.  To allow for a possible grand prize presentation (by which I mean me and you in the beer garden while Red Wine Roz takes a picture on my phone, unless she wins, then who knows really.) at BMO field at the last game of the season, there's only 5 games left, with the CCL game in Dallas being the grand finale of it, so there's not much time left to make a dramatic move in the standings.

Thanks for playing

1 RedWineRoz 34 points
2 Nicotine 32 points
2 Duncan Fletcher 32 points
4 Blindfolded Tank Driver 31 pts
5 KZknowles 30 points
6 The Yorkies 28 points
7 Sulfur 24 points
8 B_Fonz 20 points
9 SLKnowles 16 points
10 Lesean25 14 points
11 CpDickinson 10 points
12 BradBoyes26 8 points
12 Steph Gunther 8 points
14 Darth pingu 8 points
15 theverytwisted 6 points
15 Wrightanomaly 6 points
17 Hitcho 4 points
17 joffee 4 points
17 Mercreyes 4 points
17 Craig moretto 4 points
21 TFC Blogger 2 points
21 Susanjm 2 points
21 Deddy66 2 points
21 13ojangles 2 points
21 Canadasoccertv 2 points
21 dannymac83 2 points
21 kilowatt44 2 points.
21 Kurt LarSun 2 points
21 ss reporters 2 points
21 Dave Rowaan 2 points. attaboy Dave!