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Game Thread. Chivas USA v Toronto FC


Chivas USA v Toronto FC
Home Depot Centre, 10:30 P.M E.D.T
Gol TV (stream, hope it works, if not, try this)


Well this is definitely a meaningless game for Toronto FC, as the playoffs are a distant and really rather silly dream.  For Chivas USA, it's almost as silly, as they're only a couple of points ahead of TFC having also played 30 games, but they'll be looking at this as an absolute must win to keep their chances alive.

I'm hoping we'll see a less than full strength tfc team here, but I'm doubtful of that, so if we're playing the first team, hopefully we can go out there and beat Chivas, no need to go with Frings as a sweeper here, let's go for it.  I was at the game last year when Alan Gordon broke Adrian Cann's nose and then score two late goals to secure the 3-0 win, some revenge for that night would be nice.  Though really, it's all about the CCL game on Tuesday.  Aron Winter says he's not looking ahead to that game, but I am

You can read my full preview here, the Goat Parade (Goat Lovers would have been a much better blog name) has the Chivas view of things here.  Here's's preview and all the usual interviews and previews at

I'll be here with team info once it makes it onto twitter and thoughout the game, join me.

Come On You Reds!