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TFC Townhalls. No news is good news.

Last year's townhalls were a very interesting time, as over the course of many meetings, management slowly came to the realisation that they had seriously loss their way and the supporters were angry.  Eventually the process led to a bunch of changes, and a promise to do it again this year.  I went along to one this evening, and well it was a lot less adversarial, it was positively friendly.   Aron Winter and especially Bob de Klerk charmed the fans there, there was a lot of talking about football rather than off the pitch issues with ticket pricing and treatment of supporters groups, and really not much at all to write about .  

One of the more interesting bits of information put out was that for preseason next year, TFC will be spending a couple of weeks in Orlando, but will then be coming back to Toronto rather than playing in the pre season tournament in Charleston as they have done every year so far.  Also Paul Beirne suggested more of the closer away games would be played on Saturdays to make away support easier, which would be a welcome change from this year.  As for Montreal away, though it's not definite, the date April 7th was dropped, which is the Easter long weekend, which would make for a great weekend away.

So really, there was no conflict, and though interesting and worthwhile, there's very little that was actually noteworthy, which is probably in itself the most noteworthy thing about them.  No news is good news, TFC can do with some stability and a dull but efficient off season, on and off the pitch for once.

EDIT:  Seems like the good righteous anger got let out in Tuesday's meeting.  Go here, and then give Joe a standing ovation