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Canada 4:1 St Lucia. Post Game links, Sunday September 4th

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Canada won! Yay!  It's getting on for 48 hours after the game now so you've probably already read most of these links, but hopefully there might be one or two in here that you've missed, but this really is just me being completist more than anything useful isn't it? Oh well here I go.

I'll start with my own report, cos it's my blog dammit, and next up, I'll go with Sportsnet because they televised the game, here's Gerry Dobson's take on the game, An awkward affair, and video analysis from Gerry and Craig, talking up Dwayne De Rosario's contribution.  As an aside, whereas with MLS games, Craig Forrest can be a bit annoying, I really enjoy how much Concacaf teams at both club and national level can get him riled up with their antics, he becomes very sarcastic and amusingly dismissive.

The CSA's youtube channel has highlights and interviews up, this here is Stephen Hart's post game press conference.

Next up, I'll go to the non-msm sites and blogs that you may not have already read, starting with the East Side Stand Up comic strip, who seem unimpressed with the St Lucian's falling skills.

The Yorkies have more of a traditional report up than usual, not quite their usual minute by minute report, but that's due to the reporter getting sucked into the game and the atmosphere, so more than forgivable.

The's report includes Josh Simpson showing off his humble side.


"We could have been more clinical but I don’t think we were average by any means," said Simpson. "We smashed them so I’m not sure what he’s on about.

Beefing with the world has thoughts on the supporters that were there, and more on all the St Lucian rolling around.

Twelfth player has a good report up, and speculates that just like in the recent Gold Cup, Lars Hirschfeld may have lost the goalie job in the very first game?

At Eightysix Forever, Ben Massey very much disagrees with Dwayne De Rosario's man of the match award.  He also criticises Julian de Guzman, while playing up the contributions of the western Canadian's, so maybe it's just the Western media's anti Toronto bias coming through, who knows?

Meanwhile, at the CBC, Darlington legend Jason De Vos focuses on his experiences watching from the stands and talks about the progress being made in getting the crowds out, and what still needs to be done to improve further, while John Molinaro takes care of the match report.

Red Nation Online's match report says the real MVP was all the Canadian supporters, and quotes Stephen Hart's thoughts on the home crowd. 

"Excellent. Fantastic. (Goalkeeper coach) Paul Dolan was telling me he was getting goosebumps listening to O Canada being sung. It was beautiful."

The Score's James Sharman and Kristian Jack have a video wrap up, suggesting St Lucia were the worst international side they've ever seen.  

At Canadian Soccer news, they're breathing a sigh of relief that Canada finally managed to get the job done.

At the Star, Cathal Kelly is feeling pessimistic about Canada's qualification chances.

To finish off, here's more game reports from The SunThe Star, and The Globe and Mail.