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Puerto Rico v Canada. Pre game links. Monday September 5th

One game down, three points in the bag, five games to go, and next up is Puerto Rico away in what is probably the toughest of the six games for Canada.  Here's the stories that are out there so far to preview the game.

That's an interview with assistant coach Tony Fonseca, from the CanadaSoccerTV youtube channel, which is well worth subscribing to.

And, um, that's pretty much it.  Seriously, I've checked all the usual places and there's nothing so far.  I guess everyone's taking full advantage of the long weekend, or instead writing about all the Euro 2012 qualifiers from the weekend.

I'll update this later if I notice anything else popping up.  In the meantime I guess if everyone else isn't going to do the work for me, I'll just have to write my own preview.

Edit: Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer has an interview with Puerto Rico expert, Jay 'Yankiboy' Long to get some info on Puerto Rico.  He stops short of saying that it's 'The. Most. Important. Game. Of. The. Qualifiers.' but not by much.

East Side Stand Up has a new strip up which pretty much nails the fan reaction so far to the St Lucia game.

Duane Rollins over at Canadian Soccer News says we should just be happy with the win, no matter how it came