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Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell? Round 2

Welcome back to the contest taking almost dozens of Canadians by storm, Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell?  A quick recap of the rules, predict the score of the Puerto Rico v Canada game in the comments section or via twitter.  Two points for the correct result, two bonus points for the exact score.   The contest will run through the first 5 qualifying games, allowing for a prize presentation at the 6th game, hopefully.  

Given De Vos, Brennan and Cann being later arriving at Umbro's event than I expected and my lack of patience and thirst for beer, a prime swag signing opportunity was missed, so prizes are very much still to be determined.

The current standings after the first round are after the jump, basically everyone got the result right, but only two people predicted 4-1, so most people are stuck at 2 points.  What that means is that if you missed out on the first round, you're definitely not out of the running, so why not join in?

Thanks for playing.

1 McGuire_Mike 4 (hume)
1 Lesean 25 4
3 Sulfur_chesh 2 (OG)
3 KZKnowles 2 (dero)
3 SusanJM 2 (dero)
3 Brent Smith 2 (dero)
3 Nicotine168 2 (dero)
3 Spungi 2 (dero)
3 Craig moretto 2 (dero)
3 Benjamin Massey 2 (dero)
3 kilowatt 44 2 (dero)
3 Mrskilowatt44 2 (dero)
3 Duncan Fletcher 2 (jackson)
3 RedWineRoz 2
3 Blindfolded Tank Driver 2
3 The Yorkies 2
3 SLKnowles 2
3 StephGunther 2
3 Wright Anomaly 2