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Puerto Rico v Canada. Game day links. Tuesday September 6th

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It's game day again, so as you'd expect, there's a few more links than yesterday, though a lot of the usual places seem to be going with an 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude and ignoring the game or just going with the exact same Canadian Press article, hopefully they're just fashionable late.  Oh well, I'll start you off with some interviews and footage of Canada training.

The above video was from the CanadaSoccerTV youtube channel, and they also have this interview with journalist Gavin Day discussing the game.

Red Nation Online steps up to fill the void, it has it's usual 'Countdown' preview, focussing on the impact of new coach Jeauston Campos, among other things, as well as an interview with Puerto Rican soccer expert Jay Long, who suggests Puerto Rico were very unlucky not to beat St Kitts and Nevis and will provide a very tough test.  

They also have video interviews with Stephen Hart, Josh Simpson and Andre Hainault, all from Gavin Day, who I'm guessing is the only journalist to have actually travelled to Puerto Rico and is thus reaping the benefits with all sorts of exclusives.  Finally they have the latest Paul James on Soccer episode, which is heavily Canada related as you'd expect.

The Globe and Mail has this article from the aforementioned Gavin Day, Canada wary of Puerto Rico in World Cup Qualifier, where among other things, Stephen Hart's a bit concerned about the effect the weather will have.

“It was almost 30 degrees (Sunday) night at nine o'clock at night,” said Hart. “We have to be sensible about possession when we go forward and how many numbers we throw forward. We've got to manage the game much better than we did in the first game.”

I threw this one on at the end of yesterday's links, but I'll put it in here as well as there's a lot of good stuff here. Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer have an interview with Puerto Rico expert, Jay 'Yankiboy' Long (yeah, the same guy form the RNO article), to get some info on Puerto Rico. He stops short of saying that it's 'The. Most. Important. Game. Of. The. Qualifiers.' but not by much.

And finally to flesh this out a bit, here's my own preview of the game, expecting a much tougher test from Puerto Rico, as well as wondering if Dwayne De Rosario should be dropped. I don't think he will, but I'd like to see it.

I'm putting newer posts that came out after I originally posted this down here after the jump.

A late entrant previewing the game from Rudi Schuller at Toronto

Meanwhile at 86 forever, benjamin Massey's putting all his USL/NASL experience with the whitecaps to good use with a good preview of what to expect from (the)Puerto Rico (Islanders).