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Game Thread. Puerto Rico v Canada

Puerto Rico v Canada

Estadio Juán Rámon Loubriel, 8pm E.D.T

Sportsnet One, spanish language stream here.

This is a big game for Canada, win and they take a strangehold on group D with a 5point lead over Puerto Rico, and we can all more or less relax knowing we're well on our way.  Lose and all of a sudden qualification doesn't seem as straight forward, and even if you take the relaxed view that it will all work out anyway, there'll still be plenty of 'what does this say about our chances against Honduras and Cuba in the next round, etc etc' navel gazing to be done.

Hopefully that won't be necessary, and Canada can pull out a decent result, and I'd categorize a draw here as a decent result as well.

For a full preview of things, go here, where I've linked to a whole bunch of them for you.

I'll be here from about 7 ish, or whenever lineups start filtering out on to twitter.  Join me, and if you're good at finding streams, feel free to share below as I'll be watching on tv and there's a good chance I'll forget all about it.

And if you're quick, you'll just have time to join in with Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell? my prediction contest, where most people seem warily confident.

Alllez les Rouges!