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Puerto Rico 0:3 Canada. Post game links. Wednesday September 7th

Canada wins, a good result from what I'm thinking was a good performance.  It's a bit of a shame how differently the mainstream media treats an away game than a home game, as there's not much out there beyond the standard Canadian Press article. Anyway, I'll start you off with this interview with Stephen Hart

That's from the CanadaSoccerTV youtube channel, where you can also see post game interviews with Hume, Ricketts, Jackson and McKenna, and also this pretty cool video of crowd shots from Friday's St Lucia game.

The next obvious place to go is Red Nation Online,  I'll start with Steve Bottjer's report, before moving on to a report and player ratings from Ian Clarke, with Iain Hume being his man of the match.

 The has a report up, with quotes from Stephen Hart, Iain Hume and Tosaint Ricketts

"We came into this camp saying that we needed to get two wins and we did it, so there’s not much you can say about it. It was a good camp for the guys. Everyone’s happy and we can go back to our clubs now."

I'll finish this bit with my own report.  I'm pretty happy really, I really like what Canada did, a very good away performance.  More after the jump.

As usual, seeing as how they show the game, I'll go with Sportsnet as the place to link the Canadian Press article that a bunch of places have, with Hume, Ricketts and Hart all talking about the challenges the game posed

The Toronto Sun seems thoroughly unimpressed with the game, but notes that the three points is really all that matters.

There was hope this contest would display better quality soccer than Canada's opener against St. Lucia.

No such luck.

They didn't do anything to challenge second-string goal keeper Eric Reyes.

It's full of that sort of thing, but hey at least they did something.

You can get a more positive slant on things at the CSA's website where aside from ackowledging some strong early play from Puerto Rico, it's pretty much all sunshine and lollipops, and why not really. has a report up as well, focusing on Canada's patient tactics that enabled them to win.