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Grading TFC at the 2012 MLS Superdraft

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There's not much more that can be said after Dave Rowaan did a great job earlier breaking down TFC' s two newest players. Toronto FC drafted the best available player (I still think Hoffman was better, but we don't need strikers), and they drafted the best remaining player in a position that needs help. It feels weird to only analyze two new draftees after several years of seeing TFC draft at least 4 NCAA players, but once you click below the jump you will be able to see my marks for Toronto FC' s 2012 MLS Superdraft choices.

Luis Silva won't cost an arm and a leg to TFC, but it would have been nice to see them grab a Generation Adidas player similar to Silva. This draft was just full of talented attacking midfielders, so Silva could have easily been replaced by a player like Enzo Martinez, who slipped all the way to Real Salt Lake. That's about the only negative thing I have to say about Silva. Everything else is extremely positive. This guy won't have too much pressure to step in and contribute right away, giving him time to adjust to life in MLS, and TFC's style.

So for TFC's first pick (4th overall) I give a B+.

It's tough to judge this early on, especially right after a day when strictly positive things are said about most players and what they can bring to the team/ league. But like mentioned earlier by the Yorkies, by adding Silva, we can now say "TFC serves win on a Silva Plata".

As for TFC's second pick (12th overall) Aaron Maund, I believe that to be the smartest decision the staff could make with what was available and what the club needed. We all know that if TFC had drafted the best available player, a million TFC Negatrons would have unloaded hate troll spam upon TFC's facebook and website comment boxes. "We need a defender! What was MLSE thinking?! So glad I cheer for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, and Man City because this team is a joke!" You get the idea. This team needs defenders, it just sucks that Austin Berry, Andrew Jean- Baptiste and Matt Hedges all were picked right before TFC was up.

Maund appears to be at least a solid project, and although he is also not a Generation Adidas player, I think this was a pretty solid move as well. I give TFC's decision to draft Maund a B.

What about the draft itself?

Well besides from Kenny Cooper getting traded to the New York Red Bulls for a 2013 first round pick and a lofty amount of allocation, there were no trades. This draft was exciting for the first round as everyone was digesting Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto's picks. But after that, things got pretty dull and most of us were just waiting around for some big trade that involved a Canadian team. I give the actual content of the draft a C+ because it failed to live up to a lot of the hype that it tried to draw. This grade would have changed drastically if Montreal traded their first round pick and Ching for Hainault and Houston's first rounder. But that didn't happen.

What about the coverage?

There was no shortage of MLS Superdraft live blogs as RDS, TSN, CSN, Sportsnet, and of course us here at Waking the Red, and for the first hour or so at least, it was all over twitter. Although it may have been annoying, I have to say it is exciting to see so many people wanting to write/ talk about North American footy. 's coverage of the draft was unbelievable to say the least, those guys should get massive props for conducting a live blog, player interviews, and informative tweets during the draft.

I give the draft coverage a solid A , only negative thing I heard was TSN not putting the draft online like RDS.

So there you have it, I've given my mini report card on yesterday's big day. Now what do you guys think? Any other major components of the draft that should be graded? What did you enjoy/ hate about this year's Superdraft?