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Toronto FC- A Supporter's Story

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Toronto FC has endured some tough times in their five year existence. Since joining Major League Soccer in 2007, they have constantly rotated players and coaches out of town. And more importantly they've yet to reach the post season. In the club's first couple seasons, there was an absolute buzz to a match. It genuinely felt like a European soccer match, and shattered many North American’s perceptions on how the beautiful game is played and supported.

Fast forward to 2011, and BMO Field has lost some of its former hype and imitation. No longer are games sold out, and travelling teams don't fear the trip up North like they used to. Many new soccer fans that rode the wave in the first couple seasons have left to return to their normal summer allegiances: Blue Jays and Argo's.

All that's left is the absolute hard-core. These are fans are lifers. The ones that got tattoos on the day of the Mo Edu jersey release, the ones that sung about following the team through all of the highs and lows, and took the words to heart. I took the time to catch up with 6 loyal and passionate Toronto FC supporters, with my main question being, why on earth do you guys still support this club?

Some are mid-twenties, and are still here for the party, some are in their fifties, and have waited a lifetime to have top flight soccer in Toronto, and some are from Denmark and swear that MLS is their league.

This is a profile of the face of TFC, almost six years after its creation. They've gotten older and wiser, but the song remains the same. Toronto 'til I die