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Toronto FC defender Andy Iro to Nottingham Forest?

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Too soon to use this picture again?  Never.  Check out Le Toux's boots!
Too soon to use this picture again? Never. Check out Le Toux's boots!

Reports are coming out today that Toronto FC's lovable yet clumsy defensive giant Andy Iro has been offered a trial by Nottingham Forest, and according to the U.K tabloid (so take this for what it's worth) The Daily Star, he's been tracked by a number of championship clubs.

Now, I like Andy Iro. I think he was given an incredibly tough job to do this summer, and he wasn't quite able to do it, but the criticism he got from a lot of fans who were happy to award him the commemorative Nick Garcia ceremonial goat horns was way too much. He's got certain strengths, and if allowed to play to them and not asked to do too much, he can be a very effective player. I'd be more than happy to have him in TFC's squad this upcoming season.

But the championship? Really Forest? Really?

This comes very shortly after there were tweeted rumours that TFC was just going to release Iro in a salary dump, so if this comes to pass, it'd probably be considered ideal for both parties, Iro getting to go back home to England and make a go of it there, Toronto FC creating salary cap space for other signings.

This just may be the craziest January transfer window rumour out there so far, I'd be stunned if it happens, but that's what's being reported, so who knows really.

Any curious Forest fans looking for a more detailed profile of Andy can check out his TFC 2011 Top 40 Countdown profile here.