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2012 MLS Supplemental Draft

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Just when you thought all the draft hype had died and left, the 4 rounds of the MLS Supplemental draft has arrived to sweep us off our feet! Players like Jeff Larentowicz and Mike Fucito were gems that drafted in the Supplemental draft, so there is reason to be optimistic and hopeful about who grabs which player today.

The action starts at 2 pm, and we'll be focusing on Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal's picks because there will way too many picks to respond to. And if you thought it was tough to get a proper scouting report on some second rounders, then buckle up for a million "huh? Who's that guy?"

Montreal have already announced they're taking Evan James. He's a Canadian Winger from the University of UNC/ Charlotte. We'll keep you updated as it goes along!

Each team gets 3 minutes to make the pick. Like Duncan stated earlier, let's get Supplemental! But mainly we'll probably just go mental from following a dragged out 4 round draft of players only Travis Clark knows.

TFC hold the 4th and 14th pick in the first round, and they selected midfielder Michael Green from the University of New Mexico with the 4th pick and Nickardo Blake a defender from UCONN with the 14th.

With their other 3 picks, TFC selected defender Mykell Bates, Brazilian midfielder Arthur Ivo, and midfielder Mike Mazzullo.

I'd be lying if I said I knew anything about these guys, but here's hoping that at least one of them sticks and impresses during training camp.

*It's also to be noted that the Impact also selected forwards Aaron Schoenfeld,Steven Miller, and Carl Haworth. Looks like they want some depth up front.

As for the Whitecaps, they grabbed Cruz Azul defender Gienir Garcia, defender/ midfielder Greg Klazura, goalie Andrew Fontein, and defender Mark Fetrow.

So that does it for the draft from a Canadian perspective. All in all, the Supplemental draft went extremely fast and only time will tell before we really know who will stand out to Aron Winter and his gang.