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2012 MLS Supplemental Draft: Meet your 5 latest Toronto FC Superstars.

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After all the SuperExcitement of last weeks SuperDraft, MLS got down and dirty with it's mediocre side on Tuesday with the supplemental draft, essentially rounds 3-6 of this whole draft business. Toronto FC had 5 picks, so which budding Steven Beatties did we end up with?

After Montreal spoiled all the potential hometown boy feel good vibes of Mississauga native Evan James joining TFC by picking him before we even had a chance, TFC went fourth overall and picked midfielder Michael Green from New Mexico. He's 22 years old, born in Birmingham, England though a US citizen so wouldn't count as an international, and was named to the All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (whatever the hell that encompasses) first team in 2010. Judging by this video, he's fast.

Next up, we had a 14th overall pick, which we got from Colorado in 2011's great Nane Joseph/Joseph Nane/whatever swindle, and it was used on the magnificently monikered Nickardo Blake. 22 years old, from Jamaica, but again with US citizenship so not an international, he's a defender from the University of Connecticut. Watch him in action here.(video won't work for me right now, maybe he looks good maybe he doesn't, now this is research!) He's tall, so may well be competition for Aaron Maund in the Andy Iro replacement stakes.

Next up, in the second round, 23rd overall was Mykell Bates, another defender, from Santa Clara University (university of Santa Clara? no idea really). See him in action here. He's a Right Back, was voted to the All West Coast Conference (does that include the pacific mountains as well? seriously America, sort all this conference crap out) first team in 2010 and 2011, so that's promising, and is just a straight up American, no hyphens required (Jacob, put the flag down! and stop crying!). I hereby promise not to make the really easy joke about his name, but rest assured any even halfway competent game, tackle of pass will be described here as masterful.

Next up in the third round, 42nd overall, was Arthur Ivo. Another 22 year old, Arthur was named in the All Conference USA first team in 2010 and 2011, and was a semi finalist for the 2010 M.A.C Hermaann award, which does finally sound genuinely impressive. Also he's Brazilian -ooh! Aah! He's an Attacking, left sided midfielder, and has his own website though it seems like it was just for the purpose of impressing a university as it hasn't been updated since he was in high school. Nevertheless it assures us that he dominates well all the soccer skills, and finalizes well with the left as well as the right foot. So that's nice. Watch him dominating all the soccer skills here. Also, From his university bio page, "Five guests at fantasy dinner would include soccer stars Pelé, Kaká and Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, and Brenden Morrow from the Dallas Stars." a) Wow that sounds dull, and b) Brendan Morrow? Eh?

Finally in the 4th round, things got a bit wierd as it was initially announced that we'd signed Mike Misoulow, before it was updated to Mike Mazzullo. He went to Columbia University and is described on TFC's website as displaying natural leadership qualities and has been known to be a physical player. doesn't have a video for Mazzullo so I'll leave you to decipher what that means about his talent and chances of sticking to the end of training camp with TFC.

So there you go. Painstakingly researched to give you all the info on TFC 5 latest superstars. There's great punning potential with most of them so i'm pretty happy over here, I'll give the last word to Earl Cochrane as quoted at "At least the first couple of picks went the way we imagined they would...This is all about us making some selections to see if a couple of guys end up sticking in spots that we need some depth in."

An appropriately ringing endorsement right there.