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Yourass is fired! Toronto FC release Mikael Yourassowsky

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So long Mikael.  This is how I'll always remember you, overdramatically selling a dive.
So long Mikael. This is how I'll always remember you, overdramatically selling a dive.

Toronto FC announced today that they have released Mikael Yourassowsky. The 28 year old Belgian was always a bit part player and though he provided cover at Left Back and in midfield, it always seemed a bit extravagant to be using an international spot on that type of player. His salary last year was over $80,000 as well, which would have put a nice expensive target on his back. With reports and rumours suggesting Miguel Aceval and Geovanny Caicedo pretty much have deals already agreed and just waiting to be announced, and with Richard Eckersley last reported as '99% done', TFC was as always going to have to create space for any or all of them, and Yourassowsky always seemed the most logical choice to be let go.

Yourassowsky was by no means terrible and had a few good games, though he was always better going forward than he was in defence, which is helpful, but not ideal for a defender. He was generally entertaining, though he was way too fond of a good dive, and in the end, aside from having the greatest name in TFC history, is anyone really going to miss him? I doubt it.

Thanks for everything Mikael, and especially thanks for that one goal you scored for TFC, the Voyageurs Cup clincher against Vancouver. Relive it in all it's glory after the jump, the skillful keeping it away from three Vancouver players, the hard running to keep up with the play, the sneaky little shove to create space for himself and the tidy finish to sweep home Joao Plata's cross. Lovely.

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