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Toronto FC officially sign Geovanny Caicedo.

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After the early excitement of the Richard Eckersley signing, the good news kept on coming for Toronto FC fans as Geovanny Caicedo was also officially announced as signed, almost as soon as the management period of media day got going.

Caicedo, an Ecuadorian international defender, rather curiously nicknamed spoon, has been rumoured to be joining up for what seems like months as well. He's 30 years old, and those caps include an appearance last year, as well as being part of Ecuador's Copa America squad in 2011, so he's no washed up star looking for a retirement package. He should be an instant improvement on our other Centre back options (what? Impossible! I hear you all cry) and there was also a smiling, nudging and winking confirmation but not confirmation kind of thing that Miguel Aceval will also be officially signing up very shortly.

Media day continues, we'll have more coverage later, for now though it's already a good day for TFC's beleaguered goalies. I expect Frei and Kocic's turn at the podium to be full of smiles. For now, enjoy this youtube highlight video.