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More Media Day videos!

Here are the last of several interviews from Toronto FC's Media Day. There was a large amount of members of the media at the Air Canada Centre today, and I left the ACC feeling quite refreshed after many discouraging and stressful preseasons. This team finally has a central goal understood by the front office staff all the way down to the trainers and Academy coaches.

The other great thing was the amount of bodies in TFC jerseys today. This squad is close to being finalized and it will give them ample time to get situated with each other ahead of the epic battle of Becks vs Ecks on March the 7th. It's easy to get caught up in the hype that the team tries to sell to you on media days such as today, but quite frankly I'm starting to really believe this team can make the playoffs. And we all know that with the MLS,after making the playoffs anything can happen.

The Academy/ training facility is almost complete, we're pumping out great numbers of homegrown players to the first team, we're dealing with the lack of depth in defense, and we've almost sold out the most important game in the club's short history. Things are bright in TFCLand..... for now. After the jump, interviews with Luis Silva, Terry Dunfield and Torsten Frings.